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We recommend

For your corporate or leisure activities, let's have a look on our recommendations. You will find all the needed informations for your next trip in Corsica.

  • : for your flight tickets, boat tickets and even holidays in Corsica. You will have the pleasure to find and book all inclusive trips, tours, hotels and even transport to Corsica. Stay in touch to get the best discounts for you next journey in this fabulous island, in the south of France. 

  • villas-de-corse: Have you ever thought about booking a villa for your trip in Corsica ? You may choose between an amazing villa along a beach to enjoy sea activities; or a small cosy house in a quaint village. Find online the villa you like, and do not hesitate to book it for your next holidays in Corsica. 

  • corsica-car-rental : Renting a car is probably the best choice to make when traveling in Corsica. Indeed, you will need to move, walk, drive and even climb to discover all the island treasures. Trust Corsica Car Rental to get the best rates and solutions to rent your car easily, and enjoy your time driving along the corsican roads.

  • Sud Corse Hôtellerie: For a stay in Porto-Vecchio, South Corsica, you should choose the Sud Corse Hotellerie resort. Made of two hotels and three residences, this amazing resort looks like a real paradize on earth. Between sea and lagoon, in a protected natural environment, you will be surprised to discover this rare place. Have a good time in Porto-Vecchio, in the Santa Giulia bay, with your family, your mates or just with the one you love.

  • Corsica Holidays Directory: Let's have a look on this directory, where you will find a great selection of websites to organize your holidays in Corsica. You may even find other websites related to any activities you may want to know.