Corsica Events

Experiences designer in Corsica

The Corsica Events concept

Obviously, we need an idea to start a project. Ours came to light one evening in the port of Bastia. We were watching the ferry moving away towards Marseille, taking with it the 300 participants from a conference we’d organised on the spot. Shattered! Yes, we really were shattered but extremely happy. 300 people had come together in Corte in the middle of Corsica… At that time – almost twenty years ago – nobody would have dared to do this. But we dared! Even better, we rose to the challenge very successfully. It was on that evening in the port of Bastia that the Corsica Events project was born.

The Corsica Events commitment

Corsica here and Corsica there – that’s fine but where do the Corsicans fit in? And what about us? Do we just sit there and watch the figs falling from the fig tree? Believing that the beauty of the countryside is enough to treat our clients or to treat YOU? Not in the slightest! Believe it or not, we work! In the sunshine, with a sea view perhaps, but we do work. We travel the island’s roads in our quest to find idyllic spots, novel ideas or unprecedented encounters. Something that will make you see further than the white of the Corsican beaches. Something that will give you a taste of the Corsican culture and identity. We create, we innovate and…. we share. In short, you could call us the event management activists !

The Corsica Events expertise

Corsica Events was established more than fifteen years ago. Can you imagine how we’ve been able to refine our thinking in 15 years? How we’ve managed to improve  our expertise? Can you also imagine the number of twists and turns in the road we’ve travelled? A few million. So yes, we know all the routes in our country (although there must be the odd one or two still to be discovered. Besides which, if you are driven by your heart…..). And yes, we know our job inside out. All that now remains is to get to know you…