Event for a building company, meeting traditions and customised to fit the needs of its clients.

The end of the season is approaching, the days have already shortened and the nights are now cooler. In spite of a few meteorological caprices, the Marseilles agency “Mondes Pluriels" (30 participants) trusted us and together we managed to make a great event in Corsica.

First day

After a morning meeting in one of the sunny rooms of the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Ajaccio Bay, it's time to head to the seaside to enjoy lunch on the white sandy beach of Mare E Sole. The end of the season and mixed weather then become a godsend to enjoy a quasi-private meal at the Plage d'Argent, with the Gulf of Ajaccio and the bloodthirsty islands that can still be seen.

Lunch is coming to its end and the sky is becoming more and more threatening. The sailing escapade initially planned is now only a fantasy and thanks to this, we can make the group discover one of our favourites: The Chemin des Vignobles.

In this totally atypical place, former wine vats transformed into a cosy and warm wine bar, the group meets Nicolas Stromboni, a strong character of the Ajaccio landscape and author of the book “Du pain, du vin et des oursins" (Bread, wine and sea urchins). Then, around tastings of several great wines of the island of beauty and its accompaniments of cheeses and delicatessen, a team-building around the wine and the recognition of grape varieties. Charismatic, Nicolas leads at his own pace these few hours of disconnection around the wine in order to reach the paroxysm of satisfaction at the end of this experience.

At the same time, the sky of Ajaccio has cleared up and a stroll in the city at the end of the day is welcome. Shopping for some, a drink on the terrace for others, the whole group finds its account from the rue Fesch to the numerous squares of the imperial city. The port, lively at the end of the day, becomes the natural meeting point for the whole group. The numerous boats lined up in a row arouse the desire to set sail, so 3 skippers take the group on board for a crossing at sunset, the last purple lights of summer moving away from the island of beauty.

Second day

Christian waits for the group in front of the imposing Land Rover Defender convoy. The briefing is short and concise, the character is not immediately surrounded and this is perhaps the desired effect? Through the panoramic roads and tracks in the Ajaccio hinterland, from Eccica-Suarella to Ocana, you have to go deep into the maquis to reach breathtaking viewpoints. There, on his pedestal, dominating the whole gulf where the discreet contours of the archipelago of the bloodthirsty can be seen in the distance, Christian finally reveals himself. (photo). Charismatic, he captures everyone’s attention to tell, discuss, exchange about the Corsican land : his own, the one he belongs to and that he will never leave.

The crossing of the maquis continues and the contours of the lake of Tolla take shape little by little. This reservoir of water, shows itself under its best light at the beginning of autumn, the surrounding trees giving it golden and vermilion hues. The village on the edge of the lake, with its small and robust houses shaped in the image of the Corsican maquisard, will make another beautiful stop for a little discovery walk. Christian leads the group to the heart of Tolla with many anecdotes about the Bastelica valley until they stop in front of the church. Pushing the door, a rare and bewitching melody begins from inside the church. The group is then engulfed by this polyphonic mix and takes the first seats for this private 45-minute concert. Exhaustive of emotions, the combination of the four voices provokes shivers for some, tears for others. This emotional and communicative upheaval allows the group to open up and share emotions as they leave the church. The experience is a success.

To keep the group open, nothing beats a lunch in an authentic inn at the top of the village of Bastelica. The place lends itself to sharing and exchange between the participants of this seminar in corsica, around gourmet dishes scented with the aromas of the maquis.

Before closing this pretty Mediterranean interlude, the group has a last meeting with Lionel, a passionate and fascinating shepherd from the Bastelica valley. From the visit of the milking installations, to the intimate tasting of his small production of ewe’s milk, the cheese maker lets us intrude into his intimacy with emotion and kindness. The harmony of these last moments, between discovery, respect and transmission, concludes a new successful adventure signed Corsica Events.

Many thanks to our partner, the Marseilles agency “Mondes Pluriels".