Tour de Turghia

The riches of the Corsican terroir and the Turghia-Turghiu tower

“They are still there, facing each other in the middle of nowhere, like a little forgotten. Fixed, they are the sentinels of a past that I cannot and will not forget. The church (the Romanesque of the 12th century), the tower (the Genoese of the 16th century) Corsica and its riches… Corsica and its miseries! Contrast of a past combined with the present. Here, this is my home… and it is here, far from any civilization, that I would tell you, if you wish, the most beautiful riches; those that are not only seen with your eyes! »

What can I say? That's all said and done. By presenting us his haven of peace, the owner leaves little room for doubt. He speaks to us from the heart of “his" Corsica.

A true Corsican, a Corsican who does not cheat, a Corsican off the beaten track, a Corsican from the land… a Corsican who can only move! Having listened a little, understood a lot, Corsica Events can with “parsimony" and exclusively enjoy this site filled with history and simplicity.

You have understood that everything is possible here, as long as we respect the host, his land and his culture.