Cohesive experience

Bridging differences, combining experiences, sharing emotions…

and, finally, creating solid, united teams. Quite a challenge, right? How about taking it up together…

Inseme : Together !

Cohesion: “Union, close solidarity; the almost indestructible nature of the link uniting the members of a group” (CNRTL)

What we particularly like about this definition is the group’s indestructible side. The power of union. The idea that, together, we can go further and much higher, because this is what we want for you and your teams: to go further and higher. For you to be bold enough to set your sights on integral professional development. To this end, there’s nothing better than attending a corporate event in Corsica (with Corsica Events this goes without saying!) Why? Because we can demonstrate how to pool your efforts and thoughts so you can discover or rediscover the will to think and work together.

And we’ve had an idea to support you on this journey: setting you what appears to be an insurmountable challenge. Yet appearances can be deceiving…. there are codes you must find, understand and use advisedly. But beware! – this is where things get complicated – these particular codes must involve several brains.
Imagine a paghjella, for example. Corsican polyphonic singing that combines three styles of different, complementary voices: a siconda to intone the song; the graver bassu to create the harmony, and the melodic, higher-pitched terza to enrich the sound. Taken separately, these voices are fine, of course, but lack real power. Taken together, in unison, they have the power to raise the spirit and… make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end!

You can thus take advantage of your incentive or seminar in Corsica to discover Corsican singing. An excellent means of learning or relearning how to listen to yourself, hold your own confidently and find the right moment to intervene!
Teambuilding activities such as petanque, Corsican baseball, blind-tasting local produce or testing your knowledge in our quiz will encourage your peers to seek in you the abilities and knowledge they lack. And vice-versa. This will bring out the teams’ successes and failures so they can be better rectified later on.
Corsica will give you a feeling of belonging, fostering cohesion. And a great change of scenery, right?