Well-being experience

How about getting away from it all in the time bubble of a corporate event?

Recharging your batteries and topping up with positive energy. Sounds good? In that case… Welcome to wild Corsica!

Well-being experience: Digital Detox

A meeting under the olive trees, brainstorming on a prehistoric site, management committee in a safari tent… Who says that a corporate seminar can only take place within four walls? We certainly don’t! After all, doesn’t nature encourage ideas to germinate? It is, after all, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and…. Expiration. And, frankly, what better theatre for your incentive or teambuilding than the wild, preserved environment of Corsica?

Andemu, let’s go! Let’s get away from it all and swap our cars for electric bikes. Let’s leave city pollution behind and fill our lungs with essence of immortelle or Corsican pine. Let’s abandon the stresses of daily life and find serenity in the mountains or at the seaside. Let’s forget the night-time pollution of our neighbourhoods and sleep soundly in eco-lodge tents. Feel better? And that’s just from visualising it! Imagine actually being there! We’ll be able to guide you through the island’s vineyards, the majority of which are organic, and along its paths in search of its endemic regenerative plants.

We can, of course, do all this pianu pianu. Because here, chi va pianu va sanu, chi va sanu va luntanu (who goes slowly will go safely and who goes safely will go far).
What? Your ‘phone? Tablet? Wifi? How do we put this…? What about if we confiscate them for an evening? Believe us, you’ll feel the benefits of a campfire, the twinkling stars and surrounding silence. Above all, you’ll be cut off from the hurried, agitated world and get a taste of a paci é a saluta (peace and health).