Thrills experience

Corsica, land of feelings

Yes, Corsica resonates with feeling. Don’t believe it? Seriously? Then you're yet to discover the country or its character! Otherwise, you’d know that Corsica is a land of feelings. So, stop doubting and come and see for yourself!

Corsica, land of feelings

That’s right, it's Corsica first and foremost. The island that, we must admit, has done most of the work by giving us such a fabulous playground; a sea that’s often calm, mountains that are sometimes inhospitable and ever-abundant valleys, in short, exceptional and original landscapes. This uniqueness and originality is an inexhaustible source of inspiration upon which the Corsica Events Team can draw for ideas and aspirations to make your seminar, incentive or team building an exciting event full of emotion.

Let us explain. But first, imagine! Imagine an island. Surrounded, inevitably, by sea. The sea and all the leisure activities it fosters. For example, and this is far from an exhaustive list, jet skiing for sports lovers, dinghies for adventurers, deep-sea diving for the curious and even flyboard for daredevils.

Then, in the centre, mountains, fields, rivers and trails. This is the Corsica we really want to show off to you, so you can fall in love with it. We thus create and coordinate programmes enabling you to experience it. Whether driving a 4×4, on horseback, foot or by bike, we open up its roads and paths. You can plunge into the canyons, glide along the rivers by kayak or raft or even hang from the rocky cliffs on a via ferrata.

And that's not all! Because, above these lands, there is…the air. Through which you can fly by helicopter or microlight. Or into which you can launch yourself, securely (it's better that way) harnessed into a parachute or paraglider.

Yes, exactly, you’ve got it! The Corsica we’re offering you is an island that will arouse all your senses, emotions and desires. And this Corsica, set between land and sea, this unique and different Corsica,  is what Corsica Events would love to introduce to you