Evening experience

Your evening, your memories

Do you really believe that your corporate event will end at sunset? Wait until your evening begins! And, believe us, you won’t be ready to sleep, let alone forget this festive experience!

Creating memories: Your evening, your memories

Did you enjoy yourself at your corporate event in Corsica? Great! All the more reason to emphasize that… it’s not over yet! Ok, so you outdid yourself at a team building or incentive, yes you worked relentlessly hard during a seminar or convention. But even so, there’s still one special occasion to be enjoyed. An experience that we’ve carefully put together, laying on a real spread. Why? Because it could be the highlight of your stay. The sweet chestnut on the Corsican cheesecake. We are convinced (and experience has shown us) that you’ll remember it for a long time. A very long time. Some people call this gourmet, friendly and fun experience a gala or farewell dinner. But we prefer to talk about a celebration, pleasure, sharing and even continuity. Corsica and Corsica Events are well-versed in the secret of such occasions.

So, because we want you to have the time of your life and take away a stock of great memories, we reflect. A lot. Particularly when it comes to deciding what would best suit you for this special, unforgettable occasion: dinner at an inn or luxury restaurant, a picnic, lobster dinner aboard a fishing boat, aperitif by the sea, etc. 

And then we scour the island. Searching for the perfect space, the dream venue. Firstly, of course, we carefully listen to and explore your requirements: a peaceful retreat? a party evening with a DJ? a private venue? quirky? a specific theme?
In short, you tell us what you’d like and we’ll do the rest. Everything else. Including leaving you with some unforgettable memories.