Out of the box experience

Corsica is an experience.

The Corsica we love is a unique, novel and unforgettable experience. Are you tempted? Open your eyes and ears and be prepared for surprises!

Your imagination knows no bounds!

Shut your eyes for a moment – just a moment… and imagine an unusual place somewhere in Corsica. A wooded area at the foot of the Aiguilles de Bavella. Here and there are comfortable eco-lodge tents. One of them has been converted into a meeting room for a few hours. The others are your cosy nest for the night. OK? Are you happy? Calm and relaxed? Well, it’s now time to think about the enigmas awaiting you during your next teambuilding exercise. Exclusive teambuilding, during which you’ll follow in the footsteps of our dream-hunters, the mazzeri: Which villagers have they predicted will die? Will you succeed in breaking the spell? How?

This is Corsica Events: unique accommodation and original ideas combining reality and beliefs, modernity and tradition.
We may, indeed, demand a lot of you: taking off your swimsuit to slip into full evening dress, abandoning your flip flops for brogues or stiletto heels…. What’s worse: leaving the sea to go up a mountain or the other way around… All this in one and the same day or event! Of course, you’ll need a minimum level of training to flit between a dinner with local fishermen at the heart of the gulf of Ajaccio to a chic, glamorous dinner on the roof-tops of Bonifacio.
But enough of this dreaming, it’s now time to work on the schedule for your corporate event: breakfast/workshop on the banks of an ancient reservoir or rustic dinner at Filitosa with its strange stone warriors? Culinary lessons on board a fishing boat or learning Corsican singing in a 12th century chapel? Fishing for sea urchins or taking part in scontri di mora (a traditional island game)? We have a couple of ideas that might suit you, but what do you think?