Sharing experience

Napoleon, Pasquale Paoli and Tino Rossi once graced these shores.

Nowadays, there are some lesser-known individuals who are also shaping Corsica: Christian, Alain, Fred, Nathalie, etc. Come along and we’ll introduce them…

Sharing experience: Corsicans first, Corsica second

Corsica has a history, culture and traditions. Forged by men and women – certain names that really made an impression. Now other people are making a name for themselves – those who are now shaping Corsica.
Imagine meeting these people during your corporate event. Just some of the individuals who’ll talk about politics, culture and the economy. (Perhaps we should give you a few tips on how to stop them, as this can be hard once they get going!) These same people sing about their love for their island, in polyphonic mode or heartfelt songs… depending on their mood. Perhaps they’ll teach you a few bars or some ancient games.

What kind of adventure are we offering you? One that, above all, embraces the human element. But before jumping in, we’d like you to cast aside any preconceptions, forget the clichés (except our siestas or fiery temperaments, to which we justifiably lay claim) and imagine you’re entering uncharted territory. Have you done this? Ok! Come on in and let us introduce your hosts, who’ll add a touch of spice to your corporate event: Christian, who’ll lead you to the foot of the Turghjià tower; Nathalie, Michel, Jean-Do, artisans, artists and growers who’ll teach you how brocciu cheese is made and in whose company you’ll sample honeys, cheeses and delicatessen. Fred, who’ll teach you to tune your voice and train you in Corsican singing. Alexandre, with whom you’ll play a traditional game of morra. Alain, who’ll provide you with his 4x4s and Rémy, who can dig up a few electric bikes.
Be aware that you won’t be mere visitors but, rather, active players in your teambuilding, incentive or seminar in Corsica.

What’s that? Want to know the first name of the helicopter pilot? How about asking him yourself?