Green-minded experience

Do you believe in travel?

We believe in green-minded travel. We believe in eco-events that take your aims into account whilst, at the same time, protecting Corsica. And we believe in your commitment. So…. come on board!

Create a responsible deed out of your event

Corsica is a provider. And a generous one at that: magnificent countryside, an incredibly mild climate, a pleasant quality of life… bountiful gifts, in short. At Corsica Events, we strive to take care of our island, out of love, respect and ideology. When we plan your corporate event, we thus consider both you and the island. When we reflect upon your incentive, teambuilding or convention, we combine pace and discovery, goals and the environment. We’re thinking of catamaran and kayaking trips, sailing regattas and stand-up paddle board racing (or, let’s be honest, a competition for the most spectacular stand-up paddle board wipe-out…). We’re thinking of canyoning, via ferrata, hiking, mountain bike trips. Healthy activities, some sporty, some a l’usu tranquillu (of a gentler nature), allowing you to reach out and touch the Corsica we love.

So yes, we design green-minded experiences! And yes, we expect our hosts to be responsible. And, you know what? You are! Much more than you can imagine. You show this responsibility through your interest in the work of our growers and artisans as you visit their workshops. By immersing yourself in Corsican culture, whether in a singing, language or culinary course. You show responsibility by contemplating the riches of our towns and villages as you embark on a treasure hunt…

Is it utopian to try to give your event some meaning? We don’t think so. We sort our waste at every event. We organise beach cleaning in the form of a challenge. We invite you to take part in the island’s reforestation by planting trees in areas destroyed by fire. We offer the fruits of your culinary courses to charitable associations.
Designing and embracing green-minded experiences is as simple as that – nothing more, nothing less.